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a rare, generally benign sex cord tumor of the ovary. More than 60 per cent are associated with virilization (such as hirsutism, hoarsening of the voice, and clitorimegaly); others may produce estrogen; and 15 per cent have no clinically obvious hormonal activity. Called also Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor.
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(1) Sertoli cell tumour of the testis. 
(2) Sertoli-Leydig cell tumour of the ovary.
(3) Gonadoblastoma.
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1. A testicular tumor microscopically resembling fetal testis, with varying proportions of tubular and stromal elements; the tubules contain Sertoli cells, which may cause feminization.
2. Synonym(s): arrhenoblastoma.
[G. anēr(andro-), man, + blastos, germ, + -oma, tumor]
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Ludwig, German physician, 1868-1935.
Niemann-Pick cell - Synonym(s): Pick cell
Niemann-Pick disease - see under Niemann
Pick cell - a relatively large mononuclear cell widely distributed in the spleen and other tissues in Niemann-Pick disease. Synonym(s): Niemann-Pick cell
Pick tubular adenoma - a testicular tumor. Synonym(s): androblastoma


Enrico, Italian histologist, 1842-1910.
Sertoli cell tumor - a testicular tumor. Synonym(s): androblastoma
Sertoli cells - elongated cells in the seminiferous tubules to which spermatids are attached during spermiogenesis. Synonym(s): nurse cells
Sertoli columns
Sertoli-cell-only syndrome - the absence from the seminiferous tubules of the testes of germinal epithelium, Sertoli cells alone being present. Synonym(s): Del Castillo syndrome
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