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The bark of Andira inermis, a leguminous tree of tropical America, used as an emetic, purgative, and anthelmintic.
Synonym(s): cabbage tree, worm bark
[West Indian native name]
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The highest viability (% of adult emergence from L3 larvae) for the Lonchaeidae occurred in Andira cuyabensis Bentham (100%), Physalis angulata L.
5 (Martius) Radlkofer Fabales Fabaceae (1) Andira cuyabensis s/c-n 66 1,915 Bentham Flacourtiaceae Banara arguta Briquet s-n 880 1,100 Casearia sylvestris c-n 2,009 1,970 Swartz Mimosaceae (1) Inga laurina (Swartz) c/p/s-n 1,042 15,192 Willdenow Gentianales Apocynaceae Hancornia speciosa Gomez c-n 395 8,769.
For Andira, 'specialization' and 'added value' are basic business tenets.
To make its philosophy a reality - of providing close and direct contact at origin and with buyers - Andira has already brought associated offices on-line in both Vietnam and, of all places, Kansas City in the U.
These three genera are currently classified in two different tribes of the Fabaceae: Andira and Hymenolobium belong to the Dalbergieae and Acosmium is placed in the Sophoreae (Polhill & Raven, 1981), although there has been considerable debate as to the taxonomic affinities of the closely related genera Acosmium and Sweetia.
The specimens of Hymenolobium and Andira were found to share several compounds that were not found in Acosmium.
The unexpected phytochemical similarities among the genera Hymenolobium, Andira, and Acosmium are corroborated by the abundant occurrence of the beetle Acyphoderes abdominalis.