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an·co·ne·us mus·cle

origin, back of lateral condyle of humerus; insertion, olecranon process and posterior surface of ulna; action, extends forearm and abducts ulna in pronation of wrist; nerve supply, radial.
Synonym(s): musculus anconeus [TA], anconeus
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Musculus anconeus [NA6].

Extends elbow and abducts ulna in pronation.

Posterior surface of the lateral epicondyle of humerus and adjacent capsule of elbow joint.
Olecranon process and posterior surface of ulna.

Tricep extension with a resistance band.
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(ang-kō′nē-ŭs) [L. fr. Gr. ankōn, elbow]
The short extensor muscle of the forearm, located on the back of the elbow. It arises from the back portion of the lateral epicondyle of the humerus, and its fibers insert on the side of the olecranon and upper fourth of the shaft of the ulna. It extends the forearm and stabilizes the ulna in pronation of the wrist.
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For years, different elbow interposition tissues have been utilized, varying from synthetic grafts to Achilles tendon allografts [2], free rectus abdominis muscle flaps [7], scapular flaps [2,6], and the anconeus muscle [6,8,9], with or without the addition of a hinged external fixator [1,10,11].
Anconeus epitrochlearis as a source of medial elbow pain in baseball pitchers.
A 42-year-old man demonstrated the presence of an olecranon spur as well as an anconeus epitrochlearis muscle on MRI scanning.
Management of radioulnar synostosis with mobilization, anconeus interposition, and a forearm rotation assist splint.
Posteriorly the anconeus muscle originates, while the apex and inferior surface are attachments for the lateral collateral ligament.
Werner correlated elbow joint position and elbow kinetics with an EMG analysis of the biceps brachii, triceps brachii, and anconeus muscles in an investigation of seven healthy college and minor league pitchers using a 2 camera 500 frames per second analysis (Werner et al., 1993).
This muscle has not been reported in the domestic dog (Barone; Budras et al; Hermanson; Evans & de Lahunta, 2017), but in the domestic cat there is a well developed and constant muscle in the brachial musculature named with different terms among them the anconeus epitrochlearis muscle (Done et al., 2010) and medial anconeus muscle, which is innervated by the ulnar nerve (Barone), although none of these terms are found in the Nomina Anatomica Veterinaria (ICVGAN, 2017).
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In the spiral groove the Radial nerve supplied the lateral and medial heads of the Triceps brachii and Anconeus and also gave lower lateral cutaneus nerve of arm and posterior cutaneus nerve of fore arm.
Most commonly compression has been attributed to the presence of an accessory muscle - the anconeus epitrochlearis.
An external surgical approach of the right elbow was performed, using a curved, 4-cm incision between the extensor carpi ulnaris and the anconeus muscles.