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Auxiliary, accessory, or secondary.
[L. ancillaris, relating to a maidservant]
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adjective Referring to that which is over and above a norm; additional, supplementary. The term is included highlight the differences in pronunciation between British and American English. 

Medspeak-UK: pronounced, ann SILL urry.
Medspeak-US: pronounced, ANN sill airy.
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Auxiliary, accessory, or secondary.
[L. ancillaris, relating to a maidservant]
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Third, the larger the market share, the larger will be the absolute number of doctors, and this will tend to stabilize the "cartel" because it will dilute the incentive of the owner doctors to bid away their ancillary service profits through lower fees on medical services.
A common scenario is medical is presented using an impressive presentation or technology tool, and then ancillary is discussed with spreadsheets, creating an obvious disconnect in the client's mind.
The changed scenario in the aviation sector - low ATF (aviation turbine fuel) prices, high passenger growth - has prompted airlines to expand the ancillary business to gear up for the future.
The ways the C4HCO ancillary benefits program designs the program might be nice for agents and brokers.
Scott Winslow, CPM, Director of Property Management, Kole Management Company, Savannah, Ga., says making the most of ancillary revenue efforts is a science.
While payers themselves have become more sophisticated in ancillary network service approaches, the service providers are becoming more sophisticated as well.
Both airlines use Electronic Miscellaneous Documents, the IATA standard solution for fulfilling bookings for ancillary services.
In contrast, Emirates earned only $3.16 per passenger, and the carrier's ancillary earnings accounted for only 0.5 per cent of its overall revenue of $19.4 billion.
The report which was announced by IdeaWorksCompany, a consultancy in the area of airline ancillary revenues, and Amadeus, a travel technology partner and transaction processor for the travel and tourism industry, is based on the financial filings made by 108 airlines worldwide, 50 of which disclose ancillary revenue activity.
"We've seen the industry move swiftly to grasp some clear opportunities for providing ancillary services, such as baggage fees, extra legroom and on-board catering," said Holger Taubmann, senior vice president of distribution at Amadeus.
Antoine Medawar, vice president, Middle East & North Africa, Amadeus, commented: "Ancillary services are a crucial component that could determine the success of the airline.
Worldwide estimates of ancillary revenues by Amadeus reveal a USD9.9bn increase of 43.8%.