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Auxiliary, accessory, or secondary.
[L. ancillaris, relating to a maidservant]


Etymology: L, ancillaris, handmaid
pertaining to something that is subordinate, auxiliary, or supplementary.


adjective Referring to that which is over and above a norm; additional, supplementary. The term is included highlight the differences in pronunciation between British and American English. 

Medspeak-UK: pronounced, ann SILL urry.
Medspeak-US: pronounced, ANN sill airy.


Auxiliary, accessory, or secondary.
[L. ancillaris, relating to a maidservant]
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For more, check out "Resident-Friendly Ancillary Revenue" on pg.
To date, 78 airlines have signed-up to the Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services solution, of which 22 are currently distributing their ancillary services through travel agents in 63 markets.
An ancillary products program cannot use federal exchange funds to support its activities, and it must pay for any exchange resources it is using, officials said.
Ancillary revenue from this initiative was $96 million (EoAeu77 million) for 2011.
Our first report into ancillary revenue was issued in 2007, when only 23 airlines worldwide disclosed ancillary revenue activity in financial filings, and the result was a modest $2.
Fifty-six airlines have contracted Amadeus' EMD Server to enable the provision of EMDs in order to facilitate the sale of ancillary services.
Ancillary revenue is said to have contributed USD32.
The company has offered TRAVELTRAX reporting solution for acquiring knowledge on all travel-related expenses including ancillary fees like fees from airline, hotel, and car rental agency service-specific generated during booking process.
Essentially, as projects are completed within the GCC, there is an opportunity for developers to shift their focus from 'develop to sell' to a 'develop, manage and collect' business model and tap into ancillary revenue sources, explained Dr.
In addition to the fees and commissions, developers may generate ancillary revenues through different degrees of revenue, profit and savings sharing with public or private partners.
Ancillary revenue includes not only baggage charges but also such things as in-flight food and the commission airlines make on hotel bookings, car rental and insurance.
The Ancillary Services report examines the strategic basis of diversification into such services, the array of services available to printers and recent trends in printers' sales of these services and their profit impacts.