anatomic root

an·a·tom·ic root

(ană-tomik rūt)
Portion of a tooth extending from the cervical line to its apical extremity.
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Because the apical foramen may not correspond to the anatomic root apex, but may be coronal to it, as the course of resorption progresses, it is advisable to maintain a working length 2-3 mm short of the radiographic working length in order to prevent overextension through the apical foramen, especially in teeth exhibiting signs of apical root resorption.
The root canal system is divided into two parts: the pulp chamber, located in the anatomic crown of the tooth, and the root canal, found in the anatomic root of the tooth.6
The goal of these demanding and geometrically difficult procedures is to preserve the native valve, avoid life-long anticoagulation, and restore normal valve function by recreating the normal anatomic root environment.