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Biopsy-site photos were taken primarily by medical assistants, as well as nurses, who received minimal, informal training on digital photography and were guided to take at least one photograph with anatomic landmarks present.
Once the patient is positioned, the operator should use the distances from the nipple as measured on the diagnostic MRI, as well as anatomic landmarks (such as a prior lumpectomy or biopsy scar on the skin) to estimate whether the lesion will be within the positioning device prior to image acquisition.
Incorporating FDG-PET into the work-up also provides an evaluation of the whole body and can point to disease in patients whose normal anatomic landmarks have been lost to surgery or radiation.
We present a case of successful suprascapular nerve block by using the specular symmetry technique in a patient whose anatomic landmarks were not palpable due to a shoulder tumor.
The position of a particular nerve varies from person-to-person, as do the anatomic landmarks that are the critical determinants in placing peripheral nerve blocks and surgical incisions.
An interactive, web-based tool for learning anatomic landmarks.
The first section, which is new to this edition, reviews pertinent anatomic landmarks.
It provides significantly better exposure and clear visualization of underlying anatomic landmarks to facilitate the accurate placement of purse-string sutures, which is the key component of the operation.
Relationship of anatomic landmarks with occlusal plane.
Moreover, anatomic landmarks that the young medical student learns in his or her first anatomy classes are modified because of the size of panniculus and the migration of the umbilicus relative to the bifurcation of the aorta.