anastomotic ulcer

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a·nas·to·mot·ic ul·cer

an ulcer of the jejunum, after gastroenterostomy.
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marginal ulcer

A term of art for ulcers that develop at the margins of a gastrojejunostomy, primarily on the jejunal side. Most marginal ulcers respond to medical therapy, but complicated or complex lesions require further intervention.

Surgical management
• Omental (Graham) patch repair;
• Revision of gastrojejunostomy;
• Irrigation and drainage;
• Any prior procedure with truncal vagotomy;
• Oesophagojejunostomy; and
• Reversal.
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a·nas·to·mot·ic ulcer

(ă-nas'tŏ-mot'ik ŭl'sĕr)
An ulcer of the jejunum, after gastroenterostomy.
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The single patient with a port site infection was receiving interferon beta-1a and the patient with an anastomotic ulcer was receiving glatiramir injections pre-operatively, but was also taking meloxicam until two weeks before surgery.
On-going smoking is an absolute contraindication to revisional bariatric surgery given the high anastomotic ulcer rate [14].
Of 28 patients with prior upper GI surgery, 9 (32%) had significant findings (four anastomotic strictures, 3 anastomotic ulcers, one Fobiring erosion, and one candida esophagitis).