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Patient was 47 year old male diagnosed as a case of Anaplastic cell carcinoma thyroid.
Foucar et al also reported 2 similar cases of anaplastic myeloma with extramedullary involvement showing primitive appearing anaplastic cells both in bone marrow and in extramedullary site.
Angiosarcoma is an uncommon malignant neoplasm characterized by rapidly proliferating, extensively infiltrating anaplastic cells derived from blood vessels and lining irregular blood-filled spaces.
Diseased mussels showed heavy levels of anaplastic cells infiltration on the connective tissue, particularly in the subepithelial regions.
Variable amount of connective tissue with fatty anaplastic cells was also found (Fig 2).
To determine whether aforementioned observations following VPA treatment are pertinent to the stemness of anaplastic cells, that is, whether redifferentiation affects the Hoechst 33342 accumulation attributed to stem-like characteristics, we analyzed the fluorescence microscopy photographs following VPA treatment.
Histopathology shows small anaplastic cells with mi- totic activity and rosette formation.
According to histology, mussels showed a continuum of disease progression, from early stages with a few anaplastic cells around the stomach epithelium to more advanced cases with multiple foci of neoplastic cells in the tissues, finally to terminal cases with profuse infiltration of neoplastic cells in all tissues.
Section of the endobronchial biopsy (Figure 3) examined in our institution and reviewed by AFIP (Armed Forces Institute of Pathology), demonstrated a dense proliferation of discohesive anaplastic cells with enlarged round to pleomorphic nuclei with abundant cytoplasm.
A photomicrograph of the tumor shows storiform-pleomorphic pattern with anaplastic cells arranged haphazardly (Figure 4).
They are anaplastic cells that grow into nerve cells.