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However, some of the admissions recorded in these figures may not be actual anaphylactic reactions.
Worryingly, UK hospital admissions for food allergies have increased by 500% since 1990, and nearly one in five (4,070) of admissions for allergy in the first period of 2014 were for anaphylactic reactions.
Any allergic reaction, including anaphylactic shock which is the most extreme form, occurs because the body's immune system over-reacts in response to a foreign body.
Scientists in the US announced earlier this year that they were developing a potential genetic vaccine against anaphylactic shock.
The milk components were discovered by the distributor, Saratoga Therapeutics, LLC, via outside laboratory analysis, after being informed of the anaphylactic reaction.
Nicole, from Musselburgh, East Lothian, only had her first anaphylactic reaction at 16.
She now carries an EpiPen in case he needs an injection of adrenaline to treat the onset of anaphylactic shock.
Can cause anaphylactic reaction to previous hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccine.
I told the director to phone an ambulance because I knew it was anaphylactic shock.
Patients with mastocytosis are still at risk of an anaphylactic reaction if given an agent to which they are allergic.
The adrenaline autoinjector is designed for the emergency treatment of anaphylactic shock, mostly due to hymenoptera venom or food allergies, and for use by the patient himself or a relative in the event of an emergency.
It is believed one of them had gone into anaphylactic shock.