Relating to anaphoresis (1).
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To date, There is not any cr-free accepted protecting treatment for al 7000 series alloys that fulfils the aeronautics requirements, So, It is necessary to develop an environmentally and cr-free acceptable alternative process.the main objective of ecoland project is to face the research of a suitable reach compliant anaphoretic electrocoating treatment (including both the optimal pretreatment method and anaphoretic electrocoating application conditions) that can replace the currently used anodising + painting treatment for protection of al 7000 series alloys in aeronautic applications.
By erasing the translation, the poem reiterates the attempt at self-erasure it contains: "my name is not Francisco," to be followed closely by a triple anaphoretic negative in the ninth stanza, the iambic "my feet" trampling over another negation, "recognize/no border," the poem's only dactilic verses along with "wanderer's," the dactilic expressing stylistically the difficulty of wandering as of passing over a border.