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2012) report that metaphases with misalignment of chromosomes on the equatorial plate or colchicine metaphase, as well as delayed chromosomes in anaphase and/or telophase, or anaphase and telophase bridges, result in formation of cells with different chromosome numbers, and chromosome structural changes.
Aurora A kinase remained enriched at centrosomes throughout anaphase and during cytokinesis, although--even in high-expressing cells--AAK only faintly associated with MTs but was not enriched on midzone MTs (Fig.
Number of anaphases is changed differently in different concentrations and treatment.
3 show that HMPPSO can quickly converge to global minimum on the Griewank function while SPSO and MPPSO nearly stopped at anaphase.
Next, the chromosomes exhibit pole-ward migration from metaphase to anaphase because of the inherent tendency of the springs to shorten when they are not under tension (Figures 1C and 2C).
Persistent nucleolus phenomenon was not observed in some metaphase cells of both varieties and only in anaphase cells of 'Stahl' progenitor (Figure 1F).
The autosomes, as well as the X chromosome, segregate reductionally in anaphase I and divided equationally during the second division.
In our test case with altogether 22 stacks, we trained the classifier to detect cells in metaphase and anaphase when the spindle apparatus is notably expressed.
The genotoxic effects that were observed in the present study included, multipolar anaphase, fragments, and deformed nucleus.
Callan (1949) proposed that telomeres did not replicate until anaphase; sister telomere attachment would be essential for the integrity of the terminal association until anaphase I.
All the chromosomes migrate synchronously at anaphase I, and at metaphase II nine chromosomes are seen (Fig.
Micronuclei (MN) are one of such biomarkers that are cytoplasmic chromatin masses with the appearance of small nuclei that arise from lagging chromosomes at anaphase or from acentric chromosome fragments.