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Number of anaphases is changed differently in different concentrations and treatment.
For instance, the sister chromatids do not separate at the anaphase stage of mitosis in the case of mutants that fail to undergo cleavage of cohesion (Hodges et al.
Normal Multipolar fragments Anaphase Anaphase 1 + - - 2 + - - 3 + - - 4 + - - 5 + - - 6 + - - 7 + - - Sample No.
220,221) Finally, a combination of techniques for the detection of chromosomal alterations (FISH, analysis of telomere length and anaphase bridging) in endoscopic biopsies achieved a sensitivity and specificity greater than 90% in identifying individuals at risk for progression to dysplasia.
The genotoxic effects that were observed in the present study included, lagging chromosomes and chromosomes bridges at anaphase and multipolar anaphases and telophases.
CENP-E is a mitotic kinesin directly involved in coupling the mechanics of mitosis with the mitotic checkpoint signaling machinery, regulating cell-cycle transition from metaphase to anaphase.
In 1998 he made international headlines when Israel's president, Ezer Weizman, questioned a section of his Anaphase (1993).
This result, in conjunction with the electric dipole nature of microtubule subunits, is sufficient to explain and unify the basic events of cell division: (1) assembly of asters, (2) motion of asters to poles, (3) poleward motion of chromosomes during anaphase A, (4) anaphase B cell elongation, and (5) cytokinesis.
Anaphase bridges, sticky and knotted chromosomes, multipolar spindles, polyploidy and C-metaphases were encountered in 31-1000 ppm treated lots as qualitative mutations.
gene heredity mutation mitosis embryo allele helix clone sequence polymer autosome phenotype recessive metaphase locus polymerase telophase oligonucleotide geneticist interphase prophase phage bacteriophage chromomere transduction transformation nucleus Mendelian genome meiosis chromosome recombinant pedigree plasmid vector replicon nucleosome chromatography zygote centromere anaphase genotype endonuclease backcross exonuclease polyploidy diakinesis cytogenetics crossover segregate codominance dominance translocation nucleolus
This movement marks the stage of mitosis known as anaphase.
The discovery, titled "Prostate specific membrane antigen associates with anaphase promoting complex and induces chromosomal instability," is outlined in the July issue of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, an American Association for Cancer Research journal and provides new insights into therapeutic benefit for patients with advanced prostate cancer.