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003, using the Bonferroni adjustment to control for type I error), except for anankastic PD.
458 (***) ADHD Paranoid PD Schizoid PD Dissocial PD Impulsive PD Borderline PD Histrionic PD Anankastic PD Anxious PD Dependent PD Paranoid Schizoid Dissocial Impulsive PD PD PD PD Impulsiveness .
Linda, the nurse who helped Nina, was given as an example of anankastic personality disorder.
831 followed by emotionally unstable impulsive type and anankastic personality disorder with phi correlations of 0.
ICD-10 has anankastic anxious and dissocial instead of obsessive compulsive avoidant and antisocial personality disorders respectively.
930 for definite cases) and anankastic personality disorder (rater one assessed 14 patients and rater 2 assessed 16 patients and joint agreement was found in 14 patients (phi correlation of 0.
They found four higher order factors among the 12 personality disorder categories which they named antisocial (high loadings from conduct disorder, borderline, narcissistic, histrionic and paranoid), asocial (schizoid), asthenic (avoidant, dependent and self-defeating) and anankastic (obsessive-compulsive).
In view of the growing consensus around a four-factor model of personality disorders and the four factors found in analysis of the scree slope from the present data, confirmatory factor analysis was used to test a four-factor model of what others have called the four As: asthenic, asocial, antisocial and anankastic (Mulder & Joyce, 1997).
64 for the paranoid, anankastic and the anxious scales, with a mean test-retest correlation of .