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, analytical (an'ă-lit'ik, -i-kăl),
1. Relating to analysis.
2. Relating to psychoanalysis.


, analytical (an'ă-lit'-ik, -i-kăl)
1. Relating to analysis.
2. Relating to psychoanalysis.


(a-nal'i-sis) plural.analyses [ ana- + Gr. -lysis]
1. Separation of anything into its constituent parts.
2. Psychoanalysis. Particular analyses are listed under the first word. See: e.g., blood gas analysis; continuous-flow analysis; hair specimen analysis
analytic (an?al-it'ik), adjectiveanalytically (i-k(a-)le)

analytical, analytic

pertaining to or emanating from analysis.

analytical control
control of confounding by analysis of the results of a trial or test.
analytical epidemiology
draws statistical inferences, mostly about causes, about disease in populations based on available samples of it.
analytical methods
techniques used to draw statistical inferences including multiple regression, path analysis, discriminate analysis and logistic analysis.
analytical study
a method for testing a hypothesis as part of an investigation of the association between a disease and possible causes of the disease.
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Regardless of how analytically mature they are, most firms largely focus on using analytics to better understand the customer's value to the organization and much less on the organization's value to the customer," said Hernandez.
In Separate Report, Independent Research Firm Finds SAS Offers Strong, Analytically Driven Solutions for Relationship Marketing
On the other hand, by studying simplified model problems both analytically and numerically, insight will be reached on the effect of certain (near-singular) flow topologies on dissipation and diffusion rates which will be related to the findings from direct simulations
NEW YORK, July 13 /PRNewswire/ -- S&P Valuation and Risk Strategies, an independent and analytically separate business unit within Standard & Poor's that provides users with market intelligence and analytic insight for risk-driven investment analysis, has expanded its odd lot securities evaluations capabilities beyond municipal bonds to provide odd lot pricing for U.
One hell of a title, so it's doubly unfortunate that the exhibition it was appended to, British artist Adam McEwen's New York solo debut, was neither as analytically incisive nor as bullishly confrontational as the hard-boiled moniker implied.
However, if you must break things down analytically, and research how No.
This will make the study of metal deposition into submicron features far more straightforward, both analytically and computationally.
Tyrrell states that reformers such as the Coopers were "neither the poorest nor the richest in California society," a definition that is much too broad to be analytically useful.
Others have made this point more analytically and philosophically, but Howard's anecdotal approach certainly makes it more vivid, which helps explain the book's great success, and great value.
LONDON -- Alterian (LSE:ALN), the leading global provider of software for Analytically Led Integrated Marketing, today announced a new partner agreement with India's largest relationship marketing agency, DIREM Mumbai.
Another DVD, Mysterioso, 2003, shown on a monitor, analytically captures a pool shot and its consequences.
The reason why so many of today's horror movies suck so badly is that they don't try to write interesting characters, they don't try to make them scary beyond just having a `jump' scare, and you have a lot of TV actors in them who don't want to do the nudity and the sex scenes,'' Roth analytically adds.