analytical study

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analytical study

A comparative study designed to reach causal inferences about hypothesised relationships between risk factors and outcome. Analytical studies identify and quantify associations, test hypotheses, identify causes and determine whether an association exists between variables, such as between an exposure and a disease. Statistical procedures are used to determine if a relationship is likely to have occurred by chance alone. Analytical studies usually compare two or more groups or sets of data.

Case-control study, cohort study, randomised-controlled clinical trial, lab study.

analytical, analytic

pertaining to or emanating from analysis.

analytical control
control of confounding by analysis of the results of a trial or test.
analytical epidemiology
draws statistical inferences, mostly about causes, about disease in populations based on available samples of it.
analytical methods
techniques used to draw statistical inferences including multiple regression, path analysis, discriminate analysis and logistic analysis.
analytical study
a method for testing a hypothesis as part of an investigation of the association between a disease and possible causes of the disease.


a scholarly examination. Specific types of study are also detailed under blind, case-control, cohort, cross-sectional.

analytical study
one in which a phenomenon is described and an attempt made to analyze the effects of variables on the phenomenon.
descriptive study
one in which a phenomenon is described but no attempt is made to analyze the effects of variables on the phenomenon.
follow-up study
one carried out to find out whether there has been change in the situation since the initial study.
longitudinal study
one carried out over a period of time so that chronological time has an opportunity to exert an effect as a variable.
observational study
see descriptive study (above).
prospective study
one in which the data to be studied are yet to be generated, the events having not yet occurred.
retrospective study
one based on examination of existing data, on events that have already occurred.
simulation study
one in which the real circumstances are simulated, either in fact, or by means of a set of mathematical formulae each of which expresses the probability of each outcome in a series of consequential events that mirror the possible pathways in a real-life situation.
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A press statement issued here stated that the World Bank showed interest in having an analytical study of different terminals at Karachi so that in future it would be easy for any business part to select a transport mode for upcountry movement of freight.
The President lauded the rich services of Dr Ghazi in research and his contribution towards higher education and analytical study of the religion.
The Poetry Academy at the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage (Adach) has issued a new edition of the book 'An Analytical Study of the Poetry of the Late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan'.
In her broad analytical study, the author comes to the conclusion that development education in the West is not simply formal academic learning but a multi-purpose process, covering learning from daily-life experiences and from the society at large.
Tenders are invited for provide analytical study and survey services to provide direct support to the pio divion for a large-scale public outreach campaign regarding the great park build-out.
3 billion and SR12 billion, respectively, according to an analytical study by Al-Eqtisadiyah daily.
Summary: A new analytical study has blamed seasonal factors for the abrupt rise in prices of some consumer commodities like vegetables, fish and meat and of stability of others like dairy and poultry products.
Fouad Abdulwahab al-Shami presented an analytical study on the Ottoman documents concerning Oman, saying that the relationship between the Ottoman Empire and the Imams and the Sultans of Oman was marked by cordiality and respect during the period in which the Ottomans occupied some parts of the Arabian Peninsula.
collective security system - analytical study of the position of the United
This thorough, analytical study focuses on 10 architectural projects located in France, Chile, Italy, Australia, Ireland, Germany, and the UK.
He said that Election Commission had been considering since a few months to introduce EVM and had made considerable development on analytical study in this regard.

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