analytical specificity

an·a·lyt·i·cal spec·i·fic·i·ty

freedom from interference by any element or compound other than the analyte.
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Other measures were manually calculated like linearity, recovery, accuracy, precision, limitof detection and quantification, analytical specificity and stability.
accuracy, precision, analytical sensitivity, analytical specificity including interfering substances, reportable range of test results, reference intervals, and any other performance characteristic required for test performance) for use in their patient population]; and
In addition, microscopy has limited analytical specificity because AFB detected by microscopy may represent MTB or non-TB mycobacteria (NTM).
Natera says that Vistara has a combined analytical sensitivity of >99% and a combined analytical specificity of >99% in validation studies.
To assess analytical specificity by real-time PCR, DNA from the same samples used in conventional PCR was submitted to reaction amplification.
Analytical specificity is the likelihood that the assay will be negative when no variant is present (1--false-positive rate).
Furthermore, this assay demonstrated high analytical specificity. DNA from other closely related Mycoplasma species, as well as from a variety of other common urogenital organisms did not amplify in this multiplex PCR.
All 12 organisms included in the analytical specificity panel were urease positive following four hours incubation so did not require for the broths to be re-incubated.
As the use of prophylactic HPV vaccines becomes more widespread, surveillance for population-levels of effectiveness is becoming an increasingly important activity, which requires the use of standardized HPV genotyping tests with analytical performance different from tests with clinically validated cutoffs; for example, tests with higher analytical sensitivity and absolute analytical specificity (10).
Validation of the product, with 250 priorly characterised samples, demonstrated 100% identification of 3,025 known variants and an analytical specificity of 99.999%.
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