analytic therapy

an·a·lyt·ic ther·a·py

short term for psychoanalytic therapy.
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Some therapists work using a single psychological model such as cognitive behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy or cognitive analytic therapy. Other therapists may draw on a range of theories and techniques in their work, which is sometimes known as working integratively.
It has updated chapters on cognitive analytic therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and dialectical therapy, as well as new chapters on mentalization-based treatment, schema-focused therapy, transference-based psychotherapy, and systems training for emotional predictability and problem solving.
Within two years of arriving at our home, Ani began intensive in-home applied behavior analytic therapy and we began our education.
For outpatients, cognitive analytic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, schema-focussed therapy and transference focussed therapy are suggested and are catered to those with less severe BPD (i.e.
Using Functional Analytic Therapy to train therapists in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a conceptual and practical framework.
Cognitive Analytic Therapy for People With Intellectual Disabilities and Their Carers
When FAP is not used in the reversal phases of the design, good behavior analytic therapy, or another form of therapy, can still be conducted.
The first section, which encompasses chapters 2-6, contextualises the book by detailing the historical scarcity of mental health focused services in prisons, the changing nature of mental health services in prison, the policy changes that have occurred in order to attempt to address these issues and the various forms of therapeutic practice (such as Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) that are common to prison work.
Juhasz believes that recognition, analytic therapy, writing and reading function in analogous ways: all are fueled by desire and by language.
Yealland, and the Analytic Therapy approach, characterized by doctors such as W.H.R.
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