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, analytical (an'ă-lit'ik, -i-kăl),
1. Relating to analysis.
2. Relating to psychoanalysis.
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, analytical (an'ă-lit'-ik, -i-kăl)
1. Relating to analysis.
2. Relating to psychoanalysis.
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(a-nal'i-sis) plural.analyses [ ana- + Gr. -lysis]
1. Separation of anything into its constituent parts.
2. Psychoanalysis. Particular analyses are listed under the first word. See: e.g., blood gas analysis; continuous-flow analysis; hair specimen analysis
analytic (an?al-it'ik), adjectiveanalytically (i-k(a-)le)
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RPCC Managing Partner Alun Marriott added, "We are delighted that Guy Carpenter has chosen to partner with Tyche to provide the analytic heavy lifting that the insurance industry increasingly demands.
Their experience and analytic methods and training help clients develop data collection, information analysis, and decision-making processes.
Teradata agile analytics services include an operational data science initiative to improve customer experience, increase multichannel sales, and create an Operations Excellence Center.
Velocity is Teradata's Global Services portfolio of high value offers to help companies at any stage of their analytics journey, from advising on analytic strategies and developing analytic roadmaps, to architecting and implementing diverse analytical ecosystems, to optimizing and managing the environment to ensure maximum business value realization.
In addition, unstructured text data--which is not created and stored in a predefined, standardized format and thus to a large extent cannot be analyzed by IDEA, ACL and visual analytic software--has exploded in growth and can provide additional clues as to the existence of material fraud schemes.
Removable singularities of analytic and meromorphic functions of several complex variables.
Wells Fargo Securities served as exclusive financial advisor to Wells Fargo Asset Management, and Analytic Investors was assisted by financial advisors, Colchester Partners and Valores Capital Partners.
While each business unit needs to actively use analytics as appropriate for the responsibility and maturity of its function, pockets of analytic competency--isolated from each other and from core operations--will never result in an effective level of strategy.
Through the FICO Analytic Cloud community, partners can connect with like-minded developers, data providers, consultants and customers looking to share best practices and advice.
+ Creating a single and live application according to the use case by leveraging Flutura's ROVI accelerated analytic framework
We need to train and educate our intelligence analysts on their analytic thinking (gray-matter) swing mechanics, and instill a rigorous and structured analytic battle rhythm that increases and improves analytic efficiencies.

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