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Thermal ExSpect printing plates are available in both digital and analog formats of any thermally processed materials.
A new line of hardness testers in digital or analog formats reportedly provides uniform force application and a smoother overall test process.
The 6" LCD display panel features easy-to-read DRO or analog formats in either dial, vertical, or horizontal bars, enhanced with color cues for indicating go/no-go measurement.
Sales of analog formats have been declining for years, but sales of digital formats have reached the point where the segment as a whole is growing again.
Digital Light Processing technology and native XGA resolution produce crystal clear images and crisp, high-contrast text in both digital and analog formats.
Clearly, the library needs ultimately to allocate its limited acquisitions budget effectively across a range of very different information resources, including those listed earlier but also the more traditional paper-based and analog formats.
The evolution from analog formats such as vinyl, 8-tracks and cassettes to the digital clarity of compact discs and mini-discs has benefited both record labels and consumers.
A global trend impacting upon the video server/video distribution market is the shift to digital television from analog formats.
The systems compute a ship's precise position, velocity, heading and rates in digital and analog formats.
The diverse nature of digital mediums, along with analog formats, makes these another device that is essential for total integration within a facility or within a network/production chain.