anal plug

a·nal plug

a mass of anal epithelial cells that temporarily occludes the anal canal in the embryo; if the plug fails to disappear anal atresia occurs.
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Recently a technique of biologic anal plug has been introduced for anal fistula.
Out of 120 patients in the study, group A comprising of 60 patients underwent anal plug technique and group B comprising of 60 patients were treated with cutting seton.
The surgical site was prepared aseptically and an anal plug was placed.
There was a time when everybody was using the anal plug but now everybody has stopped using it.
Another option is the foam anal plug (Paris et al., 2011).
Occlusion, such as with the ProCon A200 device, involves the use of an anal plug with a sensor that indicates when feces is present.
I'M a man and I've always been curious about using an anal plug, as I know women get pleasure out of anal intrusion and so do men.
The products are for both urinary and fecal incontinence, and range from protective garments to catheters and anal plugs. Skin care and odor containment are part of the discussion.
Since not all patients affected by faecal incontinence can be cured with conservative or surgical treatment, the use of anal plugs might be helpful.