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Lateral subcutaneous sphincterotomy versus anal dilatation in the treatment of fissure in ano in outpatients: a prospective randomised study.
After firmly traction, anal dilatation was done and the foreign body was safely extracted with the aid of ring forceps through the anus without any complications.
After a complete assessment, we prepared the patient for gentle anal dilatation under intravenous conscious sedation.
Nataraj in 1971 proposed internal sphincterotomy is an alternative of anal dilatation (16).
The various modalities of treatment include Sclerosant injection therapy, Lord's procedure of anal dilatation, cryotherapy, infrared coagulation, laser therapy, direct electro-cautery, bipolar coagulation and Rubber Band Ligation.
They used a controversial diagnostic practice called RAD - reflex anal dilatation - which they said indicated abuse.
The association of anal fissure with sphincter hypertonia was not noted until the 1970s and its relationship to anodermal hypoperfusion till the 90s, the mainstays of surgical therapy for fissure, anal dilatation, and internal sphincterotomy, both resulted in decreased anal tone7.
In many countries, (rigid) sigmoidoscopy would have been carried out in an operating room prior to surgical haemorrhoidectomy, fistulectomy, anal dilatation, etc.
For example, despite the 44% complete response rate of fistulas in patients with perianal disease, two patients with perianal fistulas required abscess drainage, and two others underwent repeated anal dilatation for anal stenosis.
Our study compared lateral internal sphincterotomy and controlled intermittent anal dilatation, and found the results of symptom relief and fissure healing and complications to be comparable.