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It did not usually replace the simple transliteration anagoge till rather late.
MAGALLON (71) ha recogido formas y expresiones que harian referencia a la primer fase interpretativa; littera, historia, superficies, simpliciter, ueritas historiae, fundamenta historiae, iuxta Hebraeos y tambien nuestra ([seccion] 6 n4) Hebraica ueritas; la segunda fase estaria representada por spiritus, sensus, sacramenta, medulla, prophetia, iuxta tropologiam, figura, figuraliter, anagoge, typus, mysterium.
There are in science three fundamentally different kinds of reasoning, Deductio (called by Aristotle synagoge or anagoge), Induction (Aristotle's and Plato's xpagogn), and Retroduction (Aristotle's apanone, but misunderstood because of corrupt text, and, as misunderstood, usually translated abduction).