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1. a characteristic, as of energy or mass, susceptible of precise physical measurement.
2. a measurable amount. adj., adj quan´titative.
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1. A number or amount.
2. A measurable property of anything.
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(kwŏn′tĭ-tē) [L. quantitas, quantity]
Amount; portion.
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Patient discussion about quantity

Q. What is the safe amount of alcohol? I like alcohol, but I don’t want to end up an alcoholic. Or even have the problems that come with it (liver problems etc….)

A. the best method is not too drink at all,and you wont have any problems to worry about.

Q. what are the passable amount of sugar one can have while he also diabetic?

A. I'm not sure I understood your question, but the recommended amount of carbohydrates for diabetic patients is 40-65% of the total calories. Generally, diabetic patients are more prone to elevated blood sugar levels after a meal, so food too rich in simple carbohydrates (sugar) are not recommended.

Q. what is the "right" amount , and the safe amount , of alcohol that i can drink? what do a lot alcoh

A. That is different for everyone. You have to take into account a lot of different things like height, weight, gender. Here is a good site with charts to help you find yours: http://www.brown.edu/Student_Services/Health_Services/Health_Education/atod/alc_aayb.htm Hope this helps.

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estimated the use of 24 gallons diesel fuel for their excavators and an unknown quantity of fuel for transportation of debris, equipment and laborers.
Just moved from the Federal Reserve Board to chair the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA), he is an unknown quantity to his new colleagues.
'Raith are a bit of an unknown quantity, with their new boss and the fact they've brought in players unknown in this country but we're very wary of them.'
For them, applying the equality transitivity property between different (but equivalent) algebraic expressions, or replacing an unknown quantity with its representation in terms of another one is not derived from an extension of the transitivity between numerical equalities or from the numerical substitution.
"We don't know how effective precautions or employer measures to protect employees are going to be so it is really an unknown quantity right now.
One female passenger aboard a British Airways flight from Jamaica to the UK last week died aboard her flight after swallowing an unknown quantity of the drug, and over ten people died in 2001 while transporting cocaine internally to Britain.
Organisak, a Pittsburgh native, is hardly an unknown quantity at the PDC.
Barrow is even more of an unknown quantity, but has also impressed Wrexham with efficient work he has done during spells with Wigan and Chester.
They know what they can do, but they are an unknown quantity to others.
DESPITE SOME RECENT, heartening development--stateside distribution for two Tsai Ming-liang movies (Vive I'amour [1994] and The Hole [1998]) and Winstar's acquisition of an assortment of Hou Hsiao-hisens (including The Puppetmaster [1993] and Flowers of Shanghai [19981])--Taiwanese cinema is still an unknown quantity in America.
n Verdict: Miss Waters says: "They are an unknown quantity. Any problems seem to arise several years after they have been implanted, so there is very little evidence available."
The suspects then fled with an unknown quantity of jewellery and cash.