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lack of muscle formation or development.
amyoplasia conge´nita generalized lack in the newborn of muscular development and growth, with contracture and deformity at most joints.


Deficient formation of muscle tissue and deficient muscle growth.
[G. a- priv. + mys, muscle, + plasis, a molding]


Deficient formation of muscle and muscle growth.
[G. a- priv. + mys, muscle, + plasis, a molding]
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Additional abnormalities have been reported in association with CZS, including coronal hypospadias, bilateral cryptorchidism, respiratory distress, hypoglycemia, both increased muscle tone and mild hyperreflexia as well as decreased muscle tone, bilateral acetabular dysplasia, amyoplasia of the lower limbs, and pulmonary hypoplasia.
It has been divided into three groups: amyoplasia, distal arthrogryposis, and syndromic.
Arthrogryposis and amyoplasia. J Am AcadOrthopSurg 2002; 10(6):417-424.
Special facies or facial asymmetry, skin manifestations, fundus pigmentry abnormalities, facial palsy, musculoskeletal abnormalities (aplasia of the first two ribs, lack of differentiation of the small carpal bones, cystic formation of the sacrum, abnormalities of arms like amyoplasia and stiffness of the joints, and cutaneous syndactyly), microcephaly, mental retardation and hirschsprung disease have also been revealed in the literature.