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the habit of eating starch, such as laundry starch, a form of pica.
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A morbid craving for starch.
Synonym(s): starch-eating
[amylo- + G. phagō, to eat]
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The compulsive eating of purified starch, typically cornstarch or laundry starch.
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The definition can be broadened to encompass any behavior manifested by the eating of a non-food that is unusual in kind or quantity (2) including ice (pagophagia), hair, plaster, clay or dirt (geophagia), laundry and corn starch (amylophagia), ashes, and cigarette butts.
Several examples of pica include amylophagia (the consumption of starch), coprophagia (feces), geophagia (soil, clay, or chalk), hyalophagia (glass), pagophagia (pathological consumption of ice), trichophagia (hair or wool), urophagia (urine) and xylophagia (wood).
In another 4 patients a combination of pica and food craving was found: ice and cheese in 1 patient, ice and tomatoes (tomatophagia) in 1, ice, matches (cautopyreiophagia) and brown bread (amylophagia) in 1, and ice and cucumber in 1.
Patients with kidney disease practicing pica most commonly consume clay or dirt (geophagia), laundry starch (amylophagia), or ice (pagophagia), but the list of potential pica substances can be quite extensive.