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Dextrin transglycosylase or glycosyltransferase; a 4-glycosyltransferase converting maltodextrins into amylose and glucose by transferring parts of 1,4-glucan chains to new 4-positions on glucose or other 1,4-glucans.
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Dijkhuizen, "Amylomaltase of Pyrobaculum aerophilum IM2 produces thermoreversible starch gels," Applied and Environmental Microbiology, vol.
Tranferases (amylomaltase and cyclodextrin glycosyltranferase) target starch molecules at a, 1-4 glycoside linkages (Souza and Magalhaes, 2010).
The only related carbohydrate metabolising enzymes identified were amylase and amylomaltase, b- N-acetyl glucosaminyl transferase and a mannosyl transferase.
They found that another type of enzyme, a-1,4-a-1,4 glucosyltransferases (amylomaltase: Amase), is able to change the side-chain distribution of amylopectin.