A tumor within which amyloid is produced.
[amyloid + G. -oma,tumor]
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Therefore, when a mass is detected in the intestines of a patient with FMF, it is important to remember that amyloidoma could be the cause.
Nodular amyloidoma and primary pulmonary lymphoma with amyloid production: a differential diagnostic problem.
Benign tracheal tumors such as papilloma, hamartoma, leiomyoma, and amyloidoma were also considered.
Amyloidomas are focal collections of amyloid that present as solitary nodules or masses that may contain calcification (6).
Lopez Amado M, Lorenzo Patino MJ, Lopez Blanco G, Arnal Monreal E Giant primary amyloidoma of the tonsil.
6-9) Among these cases, 5 included the presence of amyloid plaques within the tonsil, and the other 5 involved localized tumor-like deposits called amyloidomas that emanated from the tonsil.
Genital [beta]2-microglobulin amyloidoma in a long-term dialysis patient.
Cystic [beta]2-microglobulin amyloidoma in a patient on long-term hemodialysis.
Macroglossia and amyloidoma of the buttock: evidence of systemic involvement in dialysis amyloid.
The MRI and CT findings were suspicious for glioma, and stereotactic biopsy with intraoperative squash preparation followed by routine histology and electron microscopy revealed amyloidoma.
Amyloidoma of the gasserian ganglion as a cause of symptomatic neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve: report of three cases.