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tr.v. ampu·tated, ampu·tating, ampu·tates
To cut off (a projecting body part), especially by surgery.

am′pu·ta′tion n.
am′pu·ta′tor n.

Patient discussion about amputate

Q. Why do you have to amputate legs in Diabetic patients? And how can I avoid that? I’ll appreciate an honest answer.

A. Here is a very detailed information about that, it has even some videos that gives an idea about how it happens:
there’s a link there to prevention too.

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Yesterday, a road accident victim claimed that the Maharani Laxmi Bai Medical College hospital staff put his amputated leg under his head in order to help him.
Once I had it amputated I was back to being Owen again, which was a nice place to be.
Posting on Facebook, pal Susan Maxwell wrote: "Lana gave me permission to let everyone know Les has undergone two operations but unfortunately part of his leg had to be amputated.
The researchers worked with three rhesus monkeys who suffered injuries at a young age and had to have an arm amputated to rescue them four, nine and 10 years ago, respectively.
Mercedez told investigators that she gave the box containing the amputated foot to their 34-year-old son.
After it was retrieved, police reported that the name of the hospital where the limb was amputated and the patient it belonged to was written on the leg.
In a rare surgery, doctors at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital ( SGRH) replanted Nazim's amputated thumbs.
The traumatic loss of an ear constitutes a great aesthetic deformity and reconstitution of the amputated ear remains a major challenge for the surgeon.
His wife Josephine claimed Mr Morgan begged to have it amputated for fear of the infection spreading.
It also successfully performed a 12-hour long surgery for an Asian working at a brick factory whose hand has been completely amputated.
WAFA reported on Chairman of the Detainees and Ex-Detainees committee Issa Qaraqe as saying that Jalal Sharawna, 17, had his right leg amputated at Assaf Harofeh hospital in Israel.
Finally, there is hope for a former driver trainer who has had to get both her legs amputated, and that too within a span of two years.