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tr.v. ampu·tated, ampu·tating, ampu·tates
To cut off (a projecting body part), especially by surgery.

am′pu·ta′tion n.
am′pu·ta′tor n.
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Patient discussion about amputate

Q. Why do you have to amputate legs in Diabetic patients? And how can I avoid that? I’ll appreciate an honest answer.

A. Here is a very detailed information about that, it has even some videos that gives an idea about how it happens:
there’s a link there to prevention too.

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According to him, attending the patient and administering medicines to him was more important than taking care of the amputated limb.
Her last toe was removed in November 2017 and since then she has been posting photos of her amputated foot to warn others against the dangers of fish spas.
Once I had it amputated I was back to being Owen again, which was a nice place to be.
On July 15, all three were amputated and a further three operations were carried out to save his foot.
Missy had a leg amputated after suffering a bite from what is believed to be an adder, inset
Mr Marshall's femoral artery in his right leg was severed, resulting in gangrene setting in and two-thirds of his big toe was amputated together with the next toe.
An X-ray discovered a pellet had shattered his right thigh and fears that Sparky would be exposed to a serious infection meant his leg had to be amputated.
Retired butcher Ian Watts, 65, from Rochester, Kent, says he has hardly been able to walk since he had the toe amputated at Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham in 2004.
The Islamic Republic has amputated a hand and leg of a convicted armed robber, the government-owned daily Iran said last Wednesday.
A BRIDE had to have both legs amputated after an accident on the way to her wedding yesterday.
A BRITISH woman may have to have her leg amputated after being knocked off a motorbike by a hit-and-run driver in Italy.
ASTON VILLA striker Luc Nilis has revealed he was close to having part of his right leg amputated after his horror break earlier this season.