rectal ampulla

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rec·tal am·pul·la

a dilated portion of the rectum just above the pelvic diaphragm (levator ani) and proximal to the anal canal.
Synonym(s): ampulla recti [TA], ampulla of rectum

rec·tal am·pul·la

(rek'tăl am-pul'lă) [TA]
A dilated portion of the rectum just above the anal canal.


pl. ampullae [L.] a flasklike dilatation of a tubular structure, especially of the expanded ends of the semicircular canals of the ear. See also ampullar.

ampulla chyli
cisterna chyli.
ampulla coli
the enormously dilated part of the right dorsal colon of the horse.
ampulla ductus deferentis
the enlarged glandular urethral end of the ductus deferens.
Henle's ampulla
ampulla ductus deferentis.
hepatopancreatic ampulla
ampulla of Vater; in humans, a flasklike cavity in the major duodenal papilla into which the common bile duct and pancreatic duct open.
Lieberkühn's ampulla
the blind termination of the lacteals in the villi of the intestines.
ampullae membranaceae
the dilatations at one end of each of the three semicircular ducts.
ampullae osseae
the dilatations at one of the ends of the semicircular canals.
phrenic ampulla
the dilatation at the diaphragmatic end of the esophagus in some species.
rectal ampulla
the dilated portion of the rectum just proximal to the anal canal, prominent in the horse.
ampulla of Thoma
one of the small terminal expansions of an interlobar artery in the pulp of the spleen.
uterine tube ampulla
the longest and widest portion of the uterine tube, between the infundibulum and the isthmus of the tube.
vas deferens ampulla
dilatation of the terminal part of the vas deferens caused by glandular thickening of the wall.
ampulla of Vater
hepatopancreatic ampulla.