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A common name for any trematode of the genus Paramphistomum.
[amphi- + G. stoma, mouth]
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The present study aims to determine the morphological features of amphistome adults and eggs combined with examining pathological, hematological and bile biochemical response in buffaloes to Gigantocotyle explanatum infection.
The results demonstrate that morphological markers, pathological, hematological and bile biochemical studies are effective tools that could be used as complementary in diagnosis of amphistome infections in ruminants.
Gigantocotyle explanatum is one of neglected amphistome parasite infecting the bile duct of water buffalo (Ichikawa et al.
Although diagnosis of amphistome infection relies on detection of parasite eggs during faecal examination, it is impossible to identify which species is present from morphological analysis of the eggs alone.
Amphistome specimens providing the largest worm variability in their size, maturity and gravid uteri were used for characterization.
Paralytic effect of alcoholic extract of Allium sativum and piper langum on liver amphistome, Gigantocotyle explanatum Indian journal of Pharmacology, 40: 2.
1996) who observed decreased values of haematocrit, haemoglobin, and RBC counts in lambs in relation to nematode and amphistome infection.
Some hematobiochemical studies on Garole sheep infected with amphistome parasites.
Epidemiology of Fasciolagigantica and amphistomes in cattle on traditional, small- scale dairy and large-scale dairy farms in the southern highlands of Tanzania.