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This product is a good try; it is sweet and has an amorphously familiar flavor.
It creates a dream-like atmosphere representative of the unconscious, where images arise and dissolve amorphously.
AFDD 2-1 amorphously defines active DCA as using reactive air-to-air assets to destroy an attacking adversary's air and missile assets, while passive DCA uses camouflage, concealment, and deception, together with hardened shelters.
In the worst case, amorphously branded products would be sold to the wrong customers by staff unable to recognize their proper segments.
Prosecutorial charging and plea-bargaining discretion, jury discretion to convict of one or another amorphously distinguished capital or non-capital crime, and gubematorial discretion to grant or withhold clemency are all equally uncontrolled and uncontrollable," the LDF contended.
But Rylance labored pretty hard for his comic effects, and his Posthumus was disappointing: wimpy in the early going and amorphously soulful later on.
Whether through the public-ownership plank of the 1920s or more amorphously through the idea of the `light on the hill', it has distinguished itself from, say, the US labour movement whose demands -- in the words of leader Samuel Gompers -- were for `more'.
it is rather amorphously perceived as a field of study while art history is an academic discipline with a very specific set of practices.
continuously maintained direct and/or indirect ties with the land of Punt, a term amorphously descriptive of much of the land to the south of various Egyptian writers, but perhaps most specifically referring to the modern Somali coast (Miller 1969).
These amorphously shaped blocks fit together in a three-dimensional shape, perhaps, much like "Lego" blocks.
At this point we come to a prejudice as deep-rooted as any in Western philosophy: the idea that things can only originate from things, that nothing can come from nothing (ex nihilo nihil fit) in the sense that no thing can emerge from an amorphously thingless condition.
The largely amorphously shaped products (rectangle-shaped lids are occasionally produced) are made by printing on the paper-like plastic, and die-cutting them to fit the tops of trays that perfectly nestle instruments.