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Amomum villosum, a plant rather similar to cardamom; used as a flavoring agent and in traditional Chinese medicine, where it is allegedly useful in gastrointestinal disorders.
Synonym(s): grains of paradise.
[G. amōmon]
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Key words: Alternaria ochroleuca, Amomum subulatum, Biological control, Methanolic extract, Money plant, Piper nigrum.
The impact of Amomum villosum cultivation on seasonal rainforest in Xishuangbanna, Southwest China.
In a large pan, saute the garA[degrees] lic and spring onion together until fragrant and then add the amomum fruit, star anise, cinnaA[degrees] mon, soy sauce, ketchup, sugar, potato starch and beef broth.
Amomum Roxb is the second largest genus within the Zingiberaceae, comprising about 150-180 species, including several types of cardamom.
Elettaria is used both as a spice and as medicine, and Amomum is used as an ingredient in several traditional medicines in China, Pakistan, India, Korea, and Vietnam.
Anetum Coloqumtis Feniculum Acetum [4v] Conditum Fecula uinum [2v]Acorum Capillum uenens Ficus Allech pisciculus Cameleon herba Flegmon Albolae aquae Calamitin Flegma Amomum Camipetos Aneson Carex Frigidus panis Apoplexia Caulis Frigiditas genuculorum Aprune carnes Caparis Fulice Aristolocia herba Camimelus Fungi Absintium Camitrios Gallina Vituline carnes Cassia Gallus Bletum Calamus aromaticus Gentiana .
Brown (or black) cardamoms are from the Amomum plant most common in Asia and Australia.
Also, Cornus amomum (swamp dogwood) and Ulmus thomasii (rock elm) probably represent misidentifications by Gates (1912) as they are generally not found in this part of Illinois.
KRL Waste Disposal Parcels Name 1969- 1963- 1960- 1957- 1954- 1976 1969 1963 1960 1957 Acer negundo (box 23 75 -- 15 8 elder) * Acer rubrum (red -- -- -- -- -- maple) * Acer saccharinum -- 15 -- -- -- (silver maple) * Aesculus glabra -- -- -- -- -- (Ohio buckeye) * Ailanthus altissima -- 8 75 -- 45 (tree of heaven) Catalpa bignonoides -- -- -- -- -- (common catalpa) Catalpa speciosa -- -- 8 -- 8 (northern catalpa) Celtis occidentalis 8 8 -- -- -- (hackberry) * Cornus amomum 15 -- -- -- -- (pale dogwood) * Cornus drummondi -- -- -- -- 223 (roughleaf dogwood) * Cornus racemosa -- 90 -- -- -- (gray dogwood)* Fraxinus americana -- -- -- -- -- (white ash) * Fraxinus pennsylvanica 23 52 -- -- 8 var.
Cohen replaces "precious stones" with "mineral essences," perhaps an improvement; however, Jacques Le Clercq (whose 1936 version spoke so persuasively to me when I was a tad because it was the translation in the Modern Library, the first library I knew) is expansive and explanatory, with "balsam of Mecca, ambergris from the sperm whale, amomum from the cardamon, musk from the deer and civet from the civet's arsehole--not to mention various sorts of precious stones, used for medical purposes, and other invaluable possessions.
Poulsen 2004 A New Species of Amomum (Zingiberaceae) from Borneo.