amniochorionic membrane

am·ni·o·cho·ri·on·ic mem·brane

(amnē-kōr-ē-onik membrān)
A composite membrane, formed by fusion of the amnion and chorion, within which the fetus develops.
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Other research suggests the virus spreads from basal and parietal decidua to chorionic villi and amniochorionic membranes, leading to the theory that uterine-placental suppression of the viral entry cofactor TIM1 could stop transmission to the fetus.
QUEBEC CITY -- Very-low-birth-weight infants with Escherichia coli of the amniochorionic membranes are at more than four times the risk of having cerebral palsy compared with those without the infection, Helen M.
In this study, most very-low-birth-weight babies had their placentas cultured and examined histologically, focusing specifically on the interface between the amniochorionic membranes.
infection of the amniochorionic membranes triples risk.