ammonium molybdate

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am·mo·ni·um mo·lyb·date

compound used in electron microscopy as a negative stain, and as a reagent for alkaloids and other substances.
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Szilagyi, "Thermal decomposition of ammonium molybdates," Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, vol.
This research object was to improve the method for determining the catalase activity by spectrophotometric method of registering the coloured product of reaction when hydrogen peroxide not decomposed after incubation with catalase interacts with ammonium molybdate; the ultimate goal being to elaborate this method application to various types of mineral water.
The released inorganic phosphates were measured by a modified method of Heinonen and Lahti (1981) with a freshly prepared acetone ammonium molybdate (AAM) reagent consisting of acetone, 5N sulfuric acid, and 10 mM ammonium molybdate (2:1:1, v/v).
CMOC intends to issue not more than 542 million ordinary shares to raise approximately RMB3,646 million which will be invested in four projects, including the "clean and efficient resource integrated utilisation and construction project with an annual processing capacity of 42,000 tonnes of low-grade and complex scheelite ores", the "ammonium molybdate production line project with an annual production capacity of 10,000 tonnes", the "high-performance cemented carbide project" and the "tungsten metal products and tungsten alloy material downstream processing project".
To 1.2 ml of sample, added in 0.8 ml of color reagent (25 ml ammonium molybdate solution [10 gm ammonium molybdate.
This study is based on the expectation that the higher [T.sub.g] values, observed in previous work when ammonium molybdate incorporated in epoxy-silica hybrid formulations cured at high temperatures (13), can be reproduced in cold-curing systems.
Soluble phosphate was extracted with distilled water and reacted with ammonium molybdate and stannous chloride to form the brightly blue-colored heteropoly-molybdenum blue which was analyzed spectrophotometrically at 650 nm.
The inhibitors tested were sodium azide (1.5-5.0mM), sodium fluoride (5.0-20mM), orthovanadate (1.0-10mM), levamisole (0.5- 1.5mM), suramin (0.03-0.3mM), trifluoperazine (0.05-0.15mM), and ammonium molybdate (0.1-2.0mM).
The key ingredients for phthalocyanine pigments are copper, aluminum, urea, chlorine, ammonium molybdate and phthalic anhydride.
The colour reagent was prepared just prior to each analysis and consisted of a solution of (g/L): ammonium molybdate (40), potassium antimony tartrate (0.14), ascorbic acid (9), and sodium lauryl sulfate (0.2) in 0.54 M [H.sub.2]S[O.sub.4].
Hong Kong, Sept 13, 2012 - (ACN Newswire) - On 10 September, CMOC ( published a letter of intent on initiating offering of not more than 542 million A shares with proceeds of RMB3,646 million to be raised, which will be invested in four major projects, namely, the "Clean and Efficient Resource Integrated Utilisation and Construction Project with an Annual Processing Capacity of 42,000 Tonnes of Low-grade and Complex Scheelite Ores", the Ammonium Molybdate Production Line Project with an Annual Production Capacity of 10,000 Tonnes,the High-performance Cemented Carbide Project and the Deep Processing Project of Tungsten Products and Tungsten Alloy Materials.
Elimination of paraprotein interference in determination of plasma inorganic phosphate by ammonium molybdate method.