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Containing or combined with ammonia.
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The use of ammoniated cyclosporin species increases the assay sensitivity by effectively concentrating all the usual fragment ions observed from the fragmentation of the protonated molecule into a single product-ion species.
British Medical Journal, April 15 1972; Sun Chee-Ching, "Allergic Contact Dermatitis of the Face from Contact with Nickel and Ammoniated Mercury in Spectacle Frames and Skin-lightening Creams.
Discard any that are moldy or have a sour, wet-rag, or ammoniated odor.
One initiative, inaugurated in 1992, is the use of silaged and ammoniated stalks as cattle feed.
The ammoniated brine leaving the absorber at 20o to 25oC is pumped to two carbonating towers in series, in which it first meets lean Carbondioxide gases from the kiln and then rich Carbondioxide from the bicarbonate calciner.
The rising importance of ammoniated or diammonium phosphates led to changes in the production processes of fertilizer that occurred chiefly during the early seventies.
Tenders Are Invited For Supply Of Ammoniated Edta At Bhel Psers Site At 3 X 250 Mw Ntpc-Bongaigaon Tpp , Assam.
Serological methods in the laboratory diagnosis of latex rubber allergy: Study of non-ammoniated, ammoniated and glove extracts as' reagent sources.
The Northwich soda ash producer has a new pounds 400,000 absorber vessel which makes ammoniated brine for the manufacturing process.
Natural rubber latex skin testing reagents: safety and diagnostic aecuracy of non-ammoniated latex, ammoniated latex, and latex rubber glove extracts.
With the addition of other nutrients such as S in superphosphate (SSP), and N in ammoniated phosphates, the F content is typically diluted to between 1 and 3% (Table 6), depending on the type of phosphate rock used.