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Containing or combined with ammonia.
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Assessment of feeding urea ammoniated wheat straw on growth performance, feed intake and nutrient utilization in crossbred calves reared under stall-fed or grazing condition.
2007b), who tested ranges of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 minutes for registration of continuous observation of Santa Ines sheep fed ammoniated elephant grass and regional byproducts and found that the time spent on the observed activities was similar at all scales, hence indicating that the animals could have been observed at intervals of up to 30 minutes.
But the disadvantage of many of the newer, "safer" products is that they aren't as powerful as traditional highly ammoniated copper solvents.
The ammoniated beef substance used as filler in hamburger, and recently under fire nationally, will no longer be used here, effective immediately, according to School Nutrition Director Donna M.
Sunkar's strategy is to build a world class integrated ammoniated phosphate fertilizer plant with low operating costs.
The obtained results indicated that the thermal conductivity of the composite adsorbent has a strong dependence on the bulk density, the mass fraction of expanded graphite and the ammoniated state of Ca[Cl.
The nutritional value of mulberry leaves and their use as supplement to growing sheep fed ammoniated rice straw.
Effects of energy and protein supplementation of ammoniated tropical grass hay on the growth and carcass characteristics of cull cows.
Practically all of the preparations on the list fall into three general classes; those composed of simple, well-known drugs of more or less therapeutic value but sold at greatly increased prices because of their fancy and mysterious names; those which have little or no therapeutic value, but for which the most extravagant and unreasonable curative powers are claimed; and third, various toilet preparations containing such dangerous poisons as corrosive sublimate, ammoniated mercury, lead acetate or silver nitrate.
Product name Place of Active Mercury Type of manufacture ingredient content store(s) listed ([micro]g/g) selling product Skin-lightening creams Recetas de la Dominican Ammoniated 6,190-41,600 Brought Farmacia Republic mercury into Normal-Crema country by Blanqueadora study participant /Botanica Dermaline Skin Dominican Amide 21,100 Beauty Cream Republic chloride of supply mercury Magia Blanca de Unknown No mercury 18,500 Pharmacy Michelle Marie listed Crema Blanqueador Dermaline Skin Dominican No mercury 13,600 Beauty Whitening Cream Republic listed supply Miss Key Crema Dominican Amide 9,100 Pharmacy Blanqueadora Republic chloride of /beauty mercury supply Crema Santa Dominican Mercury 6,200 Pharmacy Republic oxide /discount /beauty supply Deluxe Nadinola Jamaica 3% 3.
Exogenous enzymes added to untreated or ammoniated rice straw: Effects on in vitro fermentation characteristics and degradability.