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Containing or combined with ammonia.
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Oji, Etim, and Okoye (2007) ammoniated corn straw and observed an increase in CP content between 75% and 95%.
Next, 180 mg of FA-PEG was coupled to the ammoniated MSNs using EDC and NHS as activation agents at 25[degrees] C for 12 h.
The feeding value of ammoniated flox straw, wheat straw and wheat chaff for beef cattle.
In particular, there were distinctive absorption bands, matching mixtures containing ammoniated minerals, associated with wavelengths that can't be observed from Earth-based telescopes.
Lamb Production at Confinement, Feeding With Rations of Ammoniated Sugar Cane Bagasse, Corn by Products and Poultry Litter Until the Sacrifice
A high level of adhesion between nylon and rubber can be obtained by using the ammoniated GenTac Dip at a 100% GenTac level.
Nighthawk recommends avoiding any cleaning products that contain trichloroethylene, ammoniated solvents or strong alkaline solvents.
Skin lightening products also may contain mercury in the form of mercury chloride and ammoniated mercury.
Hakarl smells and tastes fishy and ammoniated. That flavor lingers, which is why it's quickly followed by a mouthful of Brennivin, numbing the taste buds and effectively disinfecting the mouth.
It plans to build an integrated ammoniated phosphate fertiliser plant with low operating costs.
But the disadvantage of many of the newer, "safer" products is that they aren't as powerful as traditional highly ammoniated copper solvents.