Enzyme removing ammonia or an amino compound nonhydrolytically by rupture of a C-N bond leaving a double bond.
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After harvested, fruits were transported to the laboratory for biochemical analyses [total and reducing sugars, total proteins, amino acids, total phenols, phenylalanine ammonia-lyase enzyme (PAL), anthocyanins and flavonoids].
Molecular cloning, characterizaion and expression of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene from Ginkgo biloba.
Disease reduction by induction of resistance has been accounted for a large number of defence enzymes, including peroxidase (PO) and polyphenol oxidase (PPO) that catalyze the formation of lignin and phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) that is involved in phytoalexins and phenolics bio synthesis.
Influence Of Maturity And Bagging on the Relationship Between Anthocyanin Accumulation and Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase (PAL) Activity in 'Jonathan' Apples.
Mock infected Microarray GC LC Oryzasativaisocitrate lyase (ICL1) 1 Citric acid Succinate Glyoxylate Glucose Pyruvate - [beta]-1, 3 glucanase Chitinase - N-Acetyl-D-glucosamine Glutamate decarboxylase (GAD1) + GABA (4-amino butyric acid) Glutamic acid Phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL) Phenylalanine Glutathione S-transferases - Oxidized glutathione - Lipid transfer protein b1 + UDP-glucose: salicylic acid - glucosyltransferase (SA-GTase) Uridine 5' diphosphate UDP-glucose Salicylate Gene name & metabolities Transgenic (resistant strain) vs.
Basha SA, Sarma BK, Singh DP, Annapurna K, Singh UP (2006) Differential methods of inoculation of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria induce synthesis of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase and phenolic coumpounds differentially in chickpea.
A suitable and potential candidate of a promoter is the Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase (PAL) gene.
Root Isoflavone and Glyceollin Content and Phenylalanine Ammonia-Lyase Activity Analysis
Production of salicylic acid precursors is a major function of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase in the resistance of Arabidopsis to Peronospora parasitica.