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Any massage technique in traditional Chinese medicine that stimulates energy points—tsubos
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Traditional Chinese form of massage. Involves pressing, stroking, stretching, and percussive movements that are performed without lubricant.
See: massage therapy; shiatsu
[Chinese am-ma, push-pull]
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It is significant that Meenal Shrivastava's memoir of Amma, her maternal grandmother, is titled Amma's Daughters.
Ammas believes that the repeated levying of extra taxes on foreign tourists and the enterprises that serve them directly damages the international competitiveness of the Estonian economy "Nearly 80 per cent of the tourists visiting Estonia spend their money in Tallinn and Harju County.
According to Ammas, Latvia boosted the VAT rate on accommodation services from 5 per cent to 21 per cent in 2009, leading to 12,000 jobs being cut and the state losing 14 million euros in income and social taxes.
A post-credit scene depicts the gruesome ways in which Amma, Jodes, and Kelsey killed their two young neighbors.
In the book, Amma, April, and Jodes are ( admitted into a psychiatric hospital after Camille's discovery.