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Any massage technique in traditional Chinese medicine that stimulates energy points—tsubos


Traditional Chinese form of massage. Involves pressing, stroking, stretching, and percussive movements that are performed without lubricant.
See: massage therapy; shiatsu
[Chinese am-ma, push-pull]
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Happiness is the index of growth say Sri Amma Bhagavan.
Mohammed still remembers that day when Amma called him to her bedside.
Amma said: "Belle's story was little-known and yet her existence played a pivotal role in destabilising the practice of slavery.
I consider myself extremely fortunate as Amma is my best friend and she has always guided me to be positive and keep going when I encounter hardships in life.
Emmeline Verzosa, executive director of the Philippine Commission on Women, found Amma to be unique because it helped men who are involved in shared parenting.
Uganda's Prime Minister Amma Mbabazi is received by China North Industries Group Chairman Yin Jiaxu at the Group's offices in Beijing, China on Saturday 06 July 2013 ( Ugandan government)
Amma believes the technology could eventually be woven into clothing so it can be used anywhere.
Hrishita Bhatt had also spoken about her role and the essence of the film Amma Ki Boli while promoting the film at Kora Kendra Dandiya.
The Egyptian Gazette The Ministry left this logical decision very late, three days after the start of the final Thanawiya Amma exams that make the whole nation hold its breath every year, as the results decide whether the pupils will go on to university, the dream of most Egyptian families.
Not wanting to miss the chance of meeting a living saint, I queued up to meet Amma, who unlike toxic bank Nama, promises to bring contentment to this troubled island.
I had recently come from receiving a blessing from Amma Sri Karunamayi, a contemporary Hindu saint who spreads love and light to all who come to her and to all who live and breathe; she sees every person as her child.
Families in robes, men in suits, the elderly in wheelchairs and women with buggies are all waiting for Amma, The Hugging Saint.