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Any massage technique in traditional Chinese medicine that stimulates energy points—tsubos


Traditional Chinese form of massage. Involves pressing, stroking, stretching, and percussive movements that are performed without lubricant.
See: massage therapy; shiatsu
[Chinese am-ma, push-pull]
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Thousands of people come to see Amma for a multitude of problems.
But now that Helen has moved in with former housemate Paul, Amma is looking for a place to buy on her own.
Only some drastic act of self-destruction can stop him now, although he does need to hold his nerve in future scraps with Amma.
The Minister for Workplace Relations, Chris Evans, said the AMMA raised concerns at high wage settlements on new projects by its members in the offshore oil and gas sector last September.
The Thanaweya Amma exam season under Badr also experienced a bit of controversy, though for different reasons than what occurred under El-Gamal's leadership.
BB1; Lesbian Nichola and eventual winner Craig frolicked in the shower after covering themselves in body paint; BB2; Helen, Elizabeth and Amma were dubbed the lusty trio after taking their clothes off in the Jacuzzi; BB3; Alex strips off in the bathroom during a boozy night as eventual winner Kate and Jade look on; BB4; Anoushka was the only girl to strip off in the 2003 show nicknamed "Big Bore" by frustrated viewers; .
GIRLS' DAY OUT: The former Big Brother housemates leave Amma's one-bedroom flat in East London; GUCCI COUP: Amma and Helen step out in their designer gear
Curvy Amma smiled and hugged her housemates as the nation ruled she had to go.
Interviewed by host Davina McCall afterwards, Amma said she had expected to be evicted from the Channel 4 show.
SPORTING quote Amma's percentage of the Big Brother Week Five eviction vote at 62-65, which looks an underestimation of how much less popular Amma is with the public than all-conquering nomination survivor Paul, writes Ian Coyne.
AMMA supporters are now seeking divine intervention for her release.
10 per litre, and the product has been named Amma after the State CM.