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Relating to or marked by amitosis.


Relating to or marked by amitosis.


(ā″mī-tō′sis) [ a- + mitosis]
Simple division of the nucleus and cell without the changes in the nucleus that characterize mitosis; direct cell division.
amitotic (-tot′ik), adjective
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10a-c, 11b), the testicular germinal epithelium consists of somatic NPs and germ cells, including amitotic (AS) and mitotic (arrows) spermatogonia; primary and secondary spermatocytes that are dividing meiotically; spermatids; and differentiating spermatozoa.
Abbreviations: AO, amitotic oogonium; AS, amitotic spermatogonia; BPB, mercuric bromophenol blue; C, coelom; CG, cortical granules; DPO, degenerating primary oocyte; FGPO, fully grown primary oocyte; GHS, genital hemal sinus; GI, gonad index; LSS, later spermatogenic stages; MS, mitotic spermatogonia; MYP, major yolk protein; NP, nutritive phagocyte; NPIC, nutritive phagocyte incubation chamber; NS, new spermatozoa; NVPO, new vitellogenic primary oocyte; O, ovum; OL, ovarian lumen; PAS, periodic acid Schiff; RIC, residual NP incubation chamber; RVPO, residual vitellogenic primary oocyte; RSC, residual spermatogenic cells; TL, testicular lumen.
They show some rare mitotic figures; signs of amitotic division could never be found.