a·mi·no·ac·yl (AA, aa),

The radical formed from an amino acid by removal of OH from a COOH group.


(AA, aa) (ă-mē'nō-as'il)
The radical formed from an amino acid by removal of OH from a COOH group.
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No Antibiotic Mechanism of Action Reference 1 Vancomycin Inhibits synthesis of peptidoglycan 18 in cell membrane 2 Cefotaxime Inhibits bacterial cell wall 19 synthesis 3 Rifampicin Inhibits bacterial RNA polymerase 20 4 Tetracycline Prevents the attachment of aminoacyl 21 rRNA to ribosomal acceptor (A) site 5 Streptomycin Prevents the initiation of protein 7 synthesis 6 Kanamycin Inhibits translocation during 7 protein synthesis
Biotransformation of 3-hydroxydibenzo--pyrone into 3,8 dihydroxydibenzo--pyrone and aminoacyl conjugates by Aspergillus niger isolated from native shilajit.
Genes encoding lipid IVA acyltrasferase (msbB), biofilm formation, antimicrobial peptide resistance (carR), and 3 aminoacyl lipid modification (almEFG) have been shown to contribute to polymyxin resistance in V cholerae (6-8).
Fusidic acid has a narrower spectrum of action; it stops protein synthesis by blocking aminoacyl sRNA synthesis.
The RNA components of a ribosome are working like a ribozyme and play a central role, together with aminoacyl tRNA, in polypeptide formation, while the ribosomal proteins maintain the ribosomal structure and regulate the translational process.
Physiocrines are derived from aminoacyl tRNA synthetases, which have been known for decades to function intracellularly in protein synthesis.
Los que no contienen nitrogeno se incorporan dentro de los analogos no hidrolizables del ATP, inhibiendo enzimas intracelulares dependientes de ATP, y alterando las sintasas RNAt aminoacyl, deprimiendo la aminoacylacion del RNAt, procesos intracelulares importantes en el osteoclasto que llevan a afectar la generacion energetica celular y su sobrevida (11,12), ademas alteran el ensamblaje adecuado del citoesqueleto al romper los anillos de actina (13).
We will provide five seed presentations for BioJapan2011; Marine sponges: potential sources of new antiprotozoal drugs, New Clinical Applications of Artificial Red Cells, Anti-angiogenic Activity of Pyridinophane Derivatives, Development of Production Process for Functional Aminoacyl Prolines, Development of random-peptide library for molecularly -targeted agents.
One such family of enzymes is the aminoacyl tRNA synthetase, which is responsible for catalyzing the reaction that "charges" transfer-RNA with an amino acid.
Biotransformation of 3-hydroxydibenzo-pyrone into 3,8 dihydroxydibenzo-pyrone and aminoacyl conjugates by Aspergillus niger isolated from native "shilajit.
The fluorescence of the liberated aminoacyl 7-amino-4-methylcoumarin (AMC) was measured with reference to a tetraphenylbutadiene fluorescence standard block (lambdaex 380 nm, lambdaem 440 nm).