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aminacrine, aminoacridine

a quinoline antimicrobial dye, similar to acridine, used externally as the hydrochloride salt.
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lidocaine hydrochloride and aminoacridine hydrochloride.
Enhancement of plasmid curing by 9 - aminoacridine and two phenathiazines in the presence of oriton pump inhibitor 1- 2 - propanone.
This aminoacridine acts on the central nervous system in a manner that is both complex and diverse: its known pharmacological actions include longer lasting cholinesterase inhibition than physostigmine and restoration of nicotinic receptors in AD-affected brains [16-19].
However tacrine should be used as a benchmark for the evaluation of other aminoacridines such as donepezil, galantamine and metrifonate as anti-dementia drugs.
Should an aminoacridine such as THA be made available at the present time to sufferers of AD?