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a trademark for a battery-operated, scooterlike vehicle that gives mobility to some patients who cannot walk.


Atherectomy and MULTILINK Stenting Improves Gain and Outcome Trial. A trial comparing late angiographic restenosis in patients undergoing ACS MULTILINK stent implantation ± adjunctive directional coronary atherectomy (DCA).
Primary endpoint
Target vessel failure, MACE.
No benefit of angiographic restenosis of DCA and stenting compared to stenting alone; prestenting DCA carries a favourable outcome if DCA is optimally (<20% residual) performed. 

AC2993 diabetes Management Improving Glycemic Outcomes. A trial assessing AC2993 (i.e., exendin-4, exenitide)—a polypeptide that decreases plasma glucose, food intake and body weight—in improving management of type-2 diabetes in patients also receiving metformin and a sulfonylurea.

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Q. hola amigos como estan yo estranando al amor de mi via que es monica la amo mchoy la estrano bastante hola soy un tipo muy feliz ya encontre el amor de mi vida nos casamos en diciembre tenemos muchos suenos ,un camino muy largo que recorrer pienso entregarme por completo al amor y dedicarnos el uno para el hotro ,yon amo ami baby estoy muy enamorado ella lo sabe es mi baby te amo mi gatita bebe

A. ¿Cuál es la pregunta?

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Amigos is an international non-profit organisation with headquarters in Houston.
Besides the advantage of learning another language, both Claypool and Bird said the learning environment and staff at Los Amigos have been exceptional.
If approved, Wal-Mart Puerto Rico will operate 52 units on the island, including nine Wal-Mart stores, one Wal-Mart Supercenter, seven Sam's Clubs and 35 Amigo supermarkets.
We're excited to be offering CCC's products and services like Get It Now to our member libraries," said Gerrye McEntire, Manager, Member Discount Services, Amigos Library Services.
ABOUT AMIGOS FOR KIDS- Amigos For Kids is a 501(C) 3 nonprofit corporation founded in 1991 to respond to the diverse needs of South Florida's abused, abandoned, neglected, and less-fortunate children and their families, through education, abuse prevention, and community involvement.
Photos must be taken in countries which are served by both United and AMIGOS, these include the Dominican Republic; Costa Rica; Ecuador; Mexico; Nicaragua; Panama; and Peru.
It's a play geared toward - and performed by - school-age children, but the Three Amigos contend that the work speaks to adults as well.
Every day brought a new scandal and another source of great amusement as the Three Amigos darted from one contract dispute to another.
Whether it's a romantic meal for two, an evening with friends, or a family celebration, Amigos provides the perfect venue.
They call themselves the Three Amigos and between them they've notched up about 350 one-night stands over the last three years by using their tried and trusted technique.
Amigos del Cafe es un nuevo programa de la SCAA que provee servicios adicionales de conferencias y programas de entrenamientos a sus miembros productores de habla-espanola y portuguesa.