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[EC class 3.5.1 and 3.5.2] An enzyme hydrolyzing C-N bonds of amides and cyclic amides; e.g., asparaginase, barbiturase, urease, amidase.
Synonym(s): amidases, deamidase, deamidizing enzyme.
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12) Peptidases break down proteins, amidases break amide bonds, and lysozymes break down peptidoglycans found in cell walls of bacteria.
The grant will enable ThermoGen to develop a toolbox of stable amidases to expand their current technology platform, which helps the company's clients synthesize biologically active compounds efficiently, economically and in an environmentally friendly manner.
He has been Professor for Biotechnology at the TU Hamburg-Harburg, Germany, since 1986, focusing his research on fundamentals of equilibrium and kinetically controlled reactions catalyzed by free and immobilized hydrolases, the production, post-translational processing and purification of penicillin amidases and serine peptidases by affinity chromatography, as well as fundamentals of mass transfer in chromatography and enzyme technology.