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[EC class 3.5.1 and 3.5.2] An enzyme hydrolyzing C-N bonds of amides and cyclic amides; e.g., asparaginase, barbiturase, urease, amidase.
Synonym(s): amidases, deamidase, deamidizing enzyme.
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This toolbox is constantly expanding and includes all major classes of catalytic activities that are relevant for fine chemistry such as esterases, nitrilases, nitrile hydratases, amidases, epoxyde hydrolases, oxydo-reductases and many other ones" said Daniel Dupret, Chairman and CEO of Proteus.
The CLIPS-O(TM) technology provides a novel and versatile toolbox for the high throughput screening of a large number of enzymatic activities such as lipases, esterases, proteases, nitrilases, acylases, epoxyhydrolases, amidases, phosphatases, xylanases, alcohol dehydrogenases etc.
This suggests that any CDEPA or CMEPA produced in this time was either not being metabolized to the corresponding aniline by the aryl amidase or metabolized so slowly as to preclude detection.