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Relating to, or suffering from, ametropia.
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Relating to, or suffering from, ametropia.
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(am″ĕ-trō′pē-ă) [Gr. ametros, disproportionate, + -opia]
Imperfect refractive powers of the eye in which the principal focus does not lie on the retina, as in hyperopia, myopia, or astigmatism.
ametropic, adjective
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[7], who observed reduced performance on the VMI in uncorrected ametropic (hyperopic and/or astigmatic) preschoolers compared to an emmetropic control group, but comparable performance in corrected ametropes (tested after 6 weeks of spectacle wear) and emmetropes.
When an ametropic patient uses a device without his or her spectacles there will be a change in the level of magnification achieved:
For the ametropic presbyope, all spectacles must be multifocal.
Largely, this evidence comes from studies which show that moderate artificially-induced dioptric defocus of emmetropic (or corrected ametropic) individuals has less of a negative impact on performance than might be expected.
With an ageing population, the multifocal IOL market is set for growth and is being targeted by the major surgical providers--not only for those with cataract but also as a viable option for ametropic and presbyopic vision correction using a clear lens extraction procedure.
(10) Some researchers have suggested that although a homeostatic mechanism may be in operation, in ametropic individuals growth may be regulated to a specific dioptric value (other than zero) predetermined by genetics or otherwise.