Mormon tea

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Mormon tea

1. Any of various ephedras of the western United States, traditionally used in making tea and for medicinal purposes, and containing little or no ephedrine.
2. Tea made from the stems of any of these plants.
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(Ephedra sinica and other spp.) An herbal supplement now banned in the United States, where it was used as a weight-loss supplement. Severe toxicities and adverse effects reported (e.g., stroke, cardiac arrest, seizure, psychotic attacks); over 800 reports of related illness; the compounds also included substances banned for use by athletes.
Synonym(s): ma-huang, Mormon tea, popotillo.
[L., horsetail, fr. G. ephedros, sitting on]
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nevadensis): American Ephedra is similar to the very controversial ma huang, but doesn't contain the same speed-related chemicals as its Chinese cousin.

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