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(am'e-lo-blast?) [Fr. émail, enamel + -blast]
A cell from which tooth enamel is formed.
Synonym: adamantoblastameloblastic (am?e-lo-blas'tik), adjective
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Margin status after surgical excision is thought to be the key prognostic feature (15,24-27) and the best evidence relates to ameloblastic carcinoma, (2,28) primary intraosseous carcinoma, (5,17) and clear cell carcinoma.
Ameloblastic fibroma is usually present as a painless, and slowly growing mass.
Correlating the clinicoradiological and histopathological findings the lesion was diagnosed as ameloblastic fibroodontoma.
They include 20 cases of Ameloblastoma, 5 calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumour, 10 adenomatoid odontogenic tumours, 10 ameloblastic fibromas and 10 cases of odontogenic myxomas.
Several authors have attempted to make a distinction between these two entities because ameloblastic carcinoma is clinically more aggressive.
While the exact mechanism of action of how fluoride causes enamel mottling remains unknown, it is well-recognized that with increased amounts of fluoride concentrations in the drinking water, the resultant enamel hypoplasia becomes progressively evident, as increased fluoride levels interfere with ameloblastic function, which adversely affects both enamel matrix formation and enamel matrix calcification.
The resection with 2-3 cm clear bone margin is indicated in cases of ameloblastic carcinoma [12].
According to the present concept, cases reported in literature under the terms "odontogenic gingival epithelial hamartoma" "hamartoma of the dental lamina" and "peripheral ameloblastic fibrodentinoma" are actually examples of peripheral odontogenic fibroma.
The findings on imaging can be explained as mixed radiolucent radiopaque lesion, so diagnosis are Central Calcifying Epithelial Odontogenic Tumour (CEOT), Calcifying odontogenic cyst, Adenomatoid odontogenic tumour, Complex odontoma, Ameloblastic fibro-odontoma, Fibro-osseous lesions and osteoblastoma should be considered.
DNA ploidy of ameloblastoma and ameloblastic carcinoma of the jaws: analysis by image and flow cytometry.
Type 2b: ameloblastic carcinoma arising de novo ex ameloblastoma or ex odontogenic cyst