ambulatory setting

am·bu·la·to·ry set·ting

(am'byū-lă-tōr-ē set'ing)
An environment in which health care services are provided to nonhospitalized patients.
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Biotechnology company Prolong Pharmaceuticals said on Wednesday that it has completed the enrolment of patients with sickle cell disease (SCD) with vaso-occlusive crisis under its Phase II study of SANGUINATE in an ambulatory setting.
However, most quality reports in the ambulatory setting center on organizational level issues, often overlooking the contributions of nursing to improvements in care delivery, services, and outcomes.
In my experience, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the ambulatory setting is the element of standard precautions that is the least understood and perhaps the most underutilized.
A companion to the thirty-fourth edition of The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics, this updated book provides a more in-depth focus on the practice of medicine in an ambulatory setting.
4% from osteopenia3 whereas a study from an ambulatory setting in Lahore reported that 18.
This is a major win for clinicians practicing in the ambulatory setting using our Dragon Medical solution and they are excited about the opportunity to leverage the same front-end speech recognition they know and trust to support a more efficient workflow using mobile devices," said Jonathon Dreyer, director of mobile and cloud solutions, Nuance Communications.
314(f)(6), Transmission to Cancer Registries, both in the Ambulatory setting.
Patient care is moving from the inpatient setting to the ambulatory setting, thereby increasing the staffing needs of ambulatory care nurses (Swan, 2007).
In the ambulatory setting, they improve rates of influenza vaccination (strength of recommendation [SOR]: C, consistent cohort studies measuring vaccination rates), pneumococcal vaccination (SOR: C, consistent randomized controlled trials [RCTs] measuring vaccination rates), childhood immunizations (SOR: C, inconsistent RCTs measuring vaccination rates), and mammograms (SOR: C, RCT measuring screening rate).
However, in the ambulatory setting, Babakanian still left them the option of dictating to a transcription company--with a catch.
Robertson Patient Safety Award in order to recognize innovative and creative patient safety activities, especially in the ambulatory setting.
Another example is the Milstein Heart Hospital, a component of New York Presbyterian Hospital's strategic goal to shift research, clinical care and education to an ambulatory setting.

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