ambulatory setting

am·bu·la·to·ry set·ting

(am'byū-lă-tōr-ē set'ing)
An environment in which health care services are provided to nonhospitalized patients.
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The Space Must Be Within A Licensed Ambulatory Setting With On-Site Access To Rehabilitation Services, Within A Three Block Radius Of The Neurosurgery Research Laboratories Located At 511 S.
This is a major win for clinicians practicing in the ambulatory setting using our Dragon Medical solution and they are excited about the opportunity to leverage the same front-end speech recognition they know and trust to support a more efficient workflow using mobile devices," said Jonathon Dreyer, director of mobile and cloud solutions, Nuance Communications.
However, in the ambulatory setting, Babakanian still left them the option of dictating to a transcription company--with a catch.
Robertson Patient Safety Award in order to recognize innovative and creative patient safety activities, especially in the ambulatory setting.
Another example is the Milstein Heart Hospital, a component of New York Presbyterian Hospital's strategic goal to shift research, clinical care and education to an ambulatory setting.
Methods: In this study, the author introduced the clinical encounter card to the ambulatory setting for faculty to use as a cue to provide feedback to students.
A recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association clearly documented the incidence of adverse drug events in an ambulatory setting (8).
These codes included inpatient diagnoses of infection, ambulatory diagnoses of infection, procedure codes suggestive of infection, and antibiotics dispensed in the ambulatory setting.
Averill, vice chairman of HSI, explained: "The purpose of the AVGs is to define the product of health care in the ambulatory setting.
Our CADD([R])-Solis system brings our expertise and innovation in smart infusion technology to the ambulatory setting.
Although geriatric FTT is commonly found in hospitalized and institutionalized patients, the initial encounter is typically made in the ambulatory setting.
Previously, the product's market was principally the ambulatory setting.

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