ambulatory phlebectomy

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am·bu·la·to·ry phle·bec·to·my

(am'byū-lă-tōr-ē flĕ-bek'tŏ-mē)
A minimally invasive procedure in which subcutaneous varices are excised through small punctures.
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Another type of surgery is called ambulatory phlebectomy, during which the doctor makes tiny incisions in the skin and uses hooks to pull the vein out of the leg.
Instead, it focuses on anatomy and pathophysiology, and diagnostic and therapeutic techniques such as laser surgery, ambulatory phlebectomy, and endovenous thermal ablation.
Venous stripping and ambulatory phlebectomy were long considered the primary means of addressing saphenous venous insufficiency, (2) and compression therapy with gradient stockings, short stretch bandages, and Unna's dressings remains a therapeutic cornerstone for every stage of chronic venous disease.
ambulatory phlebectomy, or removal of veins through a series of tiny incisions; often done in an office under local anesthesia
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