ambulance fee schedule

am·bu·lance fee sched·ule

(am'byū-lăns fē sked'yūl)
List of predetermined payment amounts for ambulance services.
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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently implemented a Medicare ambulance fee schedule in which providers are paid a base payment per trip plus a mileage payment.
Meijer, the AAA Immediate Past President, received the 2001 AAA "President's Award" in recognition of his excellent leadership of the AAA for two years (1999-2000) while the ambulance industry and the AAA was involved in a complex negotiated rulemaking process with the federal government's Health Care Financing Administration and various other EMS organizations to develop a nationwide Medicare ambulance fee schedule.
On January 22, HCFA published a notice in the Federal Register announcing the creation of a negotiated rulemaking committee to establish a Medicare ambulance fee schedule.
The new ambulance coverage rule and the creation of an ambulance fee schedule will improve the quality of services for beneficiaries, while helping to ensure that Medicare pays only for needed ambulance services," HCFA Administrator Nancy-Ann DeParle said.
12 publication of the preliminary national ambulance fee schedule that will prescribe reimbursement rates for Medicare beneficiaries.
He will address the crisis that many ambulance service providers will face under the proposed Medicare ambulance fee schedule and the large number of legitimate ambulance claims that Medicare carriers currently deny each year across the country.
Officials at CMS have stated that they intend to implement the Medicare ambulance fee schedule in the near future.
The industry hopes to avert a national crisis when the Health Care Financing Administration applies new rules and a new ambulance fee schedule for Medicare patients.
Myers, Chair of Rural EMS Advocate and Vice President of America's second largest rural EMS system, the East Texas EMS System, said, "When fully implemented, Medicare's ambulance fee schedule will make it impossible for us to continue our unsubsidized 911 service to most of the 17 rural counties we currently serve.