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Relating to or characterized by ambivalence.


Relating to or characterized by ambivalence.


(am-biv′ă-lĕns) [ ambi- + L. valentia, strength]
In psychology, coexistence of contradictory feelings about an object, person, or idea.
ambivalent (-lĕnt), adjective
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However, data showed ambivalently attached individuals to employ the same coping style and strategies as avoidantly attached participants.
She made it to the border, grew up living in refugee camps and chose, somewhat ambivalently, to return to her homeland.
One comes with an individual boy, posed ambivalently as both someone who retaliates by perpetuating pain and/or someone who savors life by exploring its potential.
While accepting the necessity for some business acumen in placing his work, Gissing retained his distaste for the commodification of art, ambivalently observing to Clara Collet that "literature is now on all fours with the butter-trade, & one must be glad that one's goods are sought in the market.
If he thus alludes to the ideals of the Modern Devotion, he does so ambivalently, for he refused to renounce his rich benefices, eschewing a life of poverty.
In so ambivalently illustrating contemporary art's secret attraction to things like "inspiration," "beauty," "history," and "success," Creative Ideas parodies itself above all.
Each has been deliberately set in Cairo and ambivalently received in the directors' countries of origin.
The book--Philip's masterpiece--was received ambivalently, both by the mainstream Canadian literary media and, as she anticipated, by the Caribbean-Canadian community.
Or, in a generalizing vein: what professional romanticist will not hear in Derridean thematizations of forgiveness, hospitality, justice, the animal, literature, or democracy-to-come the trumpet of a prophecy echoing, ambivalently and insistently, in texts that Anglo-American criticism ambivalently and insistently calls "romantic"?
The forger of writings by famous figures including Oscar Wilde was respected by the Igbo people as "Odeziaku"--keeper of wealth, but was also regarded ambivalently as a woman-hater and sorcerer.
7] Less ambivalently, however, a journalist called Villeterque commented upon de Sade's Les Crimes de l'amour in phrases that could also equally be applied to Cooper's writing: 'A detestable book [.
On the side of young black cynicism, the motive force is a giving up on something ambivalently perceived to have once held promise -- the possibility of finally gaining access to property, privilege, status and security, and a country that might yet become in ethical and cultural fact, rather than merely political fiction, "America the beautiful.