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Relating to or characterized by ambivalence.
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Relating to or characterized by ambivalence.
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(am-biv′ă-lĕns) [ ambi- + L. valentia, strength]
In psychology, coexistence of contradictory feelings about an object, person, or idea.
ambivalent (-lĕnt), adjective
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Where most of these paradigmatic theories, and much of the field of communication more broadly, have avoided the Internet's iconic-but-odd participatory subcultures, The Ambivalent Internet takes them up.
This conceptualization of pregnancy desire categorizes women who are neither ambivalent nor indifferent as having either pronatal desire (having both a desire not to avoid pregnancy and a desire to conceive) or antinatal desire (having both a desire to avoid pregnancy and a desire not to conceive).
Ambivalent sexism has been defined as a set of beliefs and ideologies that, at the cultural level, legitimize conventional gender relations and that, at the individual level, promote the adoption of ambivalent attitudes toward men and women (Glick & Fiske, 1996, 2001).
Results showed a significant difference according to gender for ambivalent attachment, F(1, 140) = 5.30, p < .05, indicating that more girls had an ambivalent attachment style than boys did.
Findings of the research indicated that there is a positive and significant relationship between safe attachment styles and ambivalent attachment styles with the marital satisfaction.
Likewise, activities that orient individuals to both pleasant and unpleasant features, and thus elicit ambivalent emotional states (Larsen, McGraw, Cacioppo, & Mellers, 2004), improve creativity.
In what promises to be a fascinating race, Ambivalent gets the nod over Venus De Milo.
H5a: Employee ambivalent identification is positively associated with external and internal information-sourcing.
Any who are driven to the pen and who want a revealing saga of one author's journey toward teaching, writing, and self-realization will find The Ambivalent Memoirist packed with vivid, compelling insights: "The thing about living in the center of the world is that it wasn't always my own life I was in the middle of."
And he looks to hold a very good chance of bringing up the hat-trick with Ambivalent.
HAYDOCK: 2.05 Castilo Del Diablo, 2.40 AMBIVALENT (NAP), 3.15 Eton Forever, 3.50 Ladies Are Forever, 4.25 Clancy Avenue, 5.00 Penny Garcia, 5.35 Song Light.
These two declarations represent two ambivalent desires.